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Sponsor is one who assumes financial responsibility for another: backer, guarantor, guaranty, surety, underwriter. Informal angel. 
A person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution. For example, backer, benefactor, contributor, friend, patron, supporter. http://www.answers.com/sponsor

Current Sponsors

Achilles Shield - The Heel Shield Inc. is a recently patented product that provides a single product for use by men and women for protecting their shoes and car mats while driving.  By providing a barrier between the floor mat and the driver's shoe, The Heel Shield protects the shoe from scuffing and staining.  Additionally, because of the way the driver is able to position their foot while using The Heel Shield, the car mat is protected - the heels on the shoe no longer are pressed into the car mats.   In the winter, drivers have the ability to place the leg of their slacks between the shoe and the shield and protect the slack from dragging on the wet floor mats - also protecting the driver's clothing. Portions of every sale goes as a donation to AAA Academy for Children! See Web at:http://www.theheelshield.com



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